Our Mision

Our Mission is to provide continuum of education from primary to tertiary, by creating an environment where staff and corporate culture display the attributes that will challenge our student to imbibe.

Our Vision

Our Vision is returning to the core value that Tai and Sheila Solarin dedicated their lives to which are honesty, hard work, self reliance and service to humanity.

Our Curriculum


Mayflower Private School is first among equals, and it is blazing the trail while others follow. In the area of staffing, the management has been very meticulous in ensuring quality of teaching by conducting well supervised written and oral test for applicants. It is pertinent at this juncture to emphasize the fact that Mayflower Private School parades close to seventy teachers who are all graduates, and most of whom have teaching qualifications. There is no doubt that the number and quality of teachers will affect work load and quality of teaching. Mayflower Private School is conscious of this and therefore ensures that a teacher teaches only his specialty subject.


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